Monday, September 23, 2013

Europe 2012, Part 8

Day 18,19,20,21.

Stams to Innsbruck

I got my tent packed up and headed out from the campground via the monastery and surrounding properties. The architecture and attention to detail is wonderful.
My journey into Innsbruck would take 2-3 hours. 

I actually turned up in Innsbruck 2 days ahead of my intended hotel reservation. I considered camping for two more days until the hotel came up with a great room rate. Oh well, what could I do!

I now had three days to explore Innsbruck and catch up with some friends from a previous trip.
The top picture show the Bridge over the Inn that carries the Hungersberg Funicular and below, a picture of the Funicular.
Below is the website describing how it all works.

Lunch stop

Second day in town started with a great breakfast in the hotel and another day of exploring

Two shots of the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof).

Innsbruck is a beautiful city, so much colour.

The big  ski jump tower 

One of the modes of transport around town. Innsbruck is a super friendly bicycle city and the bicycle is a great way to explore this wonderful city.

These photos are taken up by the Olympic Ski Jump Tower looking out over the city.

I got together with Martin and Blanka one more time before they headed out of town back to Czechoslovakia.

My last day in town I went on a 120km ride with my friend Ernie, he took me up the valley to a great little restaurant that served the best chicken and sausage in the area. Washed down with a couple of beers. It was a wonderful day.

That evening I got together with Ernie, Andy and Bergit for a wonderful dinner and a few more beers. Andy makes beautiful hunting knives. On my previous trip he gave my friend Bernie and I a great 4" bladed knife.
I bought it with me on this trip and used it everyday during mealtime.

Most amazing Roast Pork Hocks and salad.

Up early at Innsbruck Airport catching my flight to Frankfurt. Thanks to my wonderful wife and all her air miles, she suprised me by upgrading my ticket to business class for the trip home.
The meal they served me for the 50 min flight was crazy.

Frankfurt is a massive airport and I advise anyone passing through this airport to give themselves plenty of time between flights. The Lounge was great with a huge variety of food and drinks.

 Lufthansa is an amazing airline, service was first class and the plane was super comfortable. Nothing like a little leg room and a seat that lays flat to make for a great ride home.

 They have so many aircraft on the ground at one time. The planes are parked out along the various runways and you are bused out to your spot, climb the stairs, get strapped in and wait for your champagne .

The best news. Mel and I have booked our flight for August 2014 to Innsbruck. We are taking our beautiful Bilenky MTB Tandem on a three week adventure, route as yet undecided.

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